If you are interested in joining ColorMeSubbed as a translator, download this sample file. Please translate about a minute and a half of the show, then send your script to or drop by our IRC channel irc:// and chat with us about it. Right now we really need timers, speed isn’t critical, but accuracy is. We’re also looking for a capper and someone to do awesome karaoke.

We really appreciate all applicants, and want to talk to you, but please understand that we’re unable to be at our PCs 24 hours a day. If you see that no one is talking in the IRC channel, chances are none of the staff members are at their PC at the moment. Sending a staff member a private message just saying “hi” doesn’t help us to help you, as we have no idea what it is you’re messaging us about. If you do catch all the staff members offline, please tell us in your message what you’re applying for, your experience, and a way for us to reach you when we’re online.  Also feel free to simply E-mail us at instead of relying on private messages on IRC.  This way we’ll be able to discuss your application even if you’re offline and can get back to you sooner.

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  1. I’ll take the case!!!

  2. can i join?

  3. I’d like to apply for an Editor position, but the file you linked has been deleted.

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    I will talk to you during the week Viv in the irc.

  5. Whats a “capper”?

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    Holy Knight OVA 2 need english subs

    I just watch OVA 1 yesterday then I search around for OVA 2. I found Blue-Ray release. Ready to be sub if you don’t have it yet.

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      Thanks, we have it. Just need to iron out about 5 more lines and it is ready to go. I have to wait for my TL to wake up before I can go any further with it.

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    Guys the “fileserve” link’s no longer available! :P

  8. “FileServe can only be used to download and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.”

    Use another filehost to host your stuff shit

    • With all due respect, if you wanted to apply for recruitment you could have done so by using the e-mail/IRC option. I assume you just wanted to flame someone, so thanks for dropping by!
      The internet is a much better place now after you’ve done your shit stuff. :3

  9. I want to join as Typesetter, I have experience dan I work in WRS FANSUB

  10. Hey I heard from a pretty reliable source you need a washed up timer and an8 typesetter to be your useless mascot? If so can I join?

  11. Can you work on Ore-sama Kingdom ?

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      Looks like episodes 1-2 are subbed and you are waiting for the last episode. We don’t usually pick up stuff like that. You may need to track down the subbers of the other 2 eps and ask them to get it done.

  12. Timer still open?

    • We’ve slowed down for the moment, but could always use another timer. Feel free to join our IRC channel and message me and we can talk. :)

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    Hello there. I already sent out an e-mail regarding this but thought I would post something here as a back up. I’m just wondering if you guys are looking for additional translation checkers right now. If you’re curious, I’ve got quite a bit of fansubbing experience now and am currently active. If you’re not looking for any extra translation checkers, no hard feelings. I just thought I would throw it out there. ;)

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    Sorry Tenken, I have been busy at my real job this week. Come see me in the irc this w\e if you can. ^_^

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      No problem. I know exactly what you mean. Anyway, I should be on late afternoon or early evening tomorrow(Sun, 9/28) Hawaii time. I don’t know what time zone you’re in, though.

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    I’m a former timer and typesetter and willing to help out and join the crew on board the spaceship of fansubbing, any place left on the spaceship?

  16. Hey – I don’t think I can join now, but I was thinking of doing so in the future. However, I’d like to ask – are you guys still active? The comments in this section are quite old and I was curious. :)

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