Mar 222011


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    Is this the “xxxHolic – Rou” OVA Ep2?

  2. you sneaky!!! good stuffs

  3. Im always a sucker long period’s of growth in anime like how ttgl started out as a kid and ended as a old man

  4. Thanks so much!!!
    I hope there will be another one next year. but I love the first one more. Im surprised at the ending
    but where was Kohane on the movie, i didnt see her

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      We pulled that picture from the OP, since she is one of the main topics of the show.Plus, an all grown up Kohane is to much for us to resist putting up on our site :3

  5. Noooo, why is Kohane-chan marrying Doumeki instead of Watanuki. Since Himawari-chan married in the first OVA I thought that maybe Kohane-chan would be the one to be with watanuki since both of their situations are so much alike. Oh well.

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      Have ya’ *read* T:RC??? Ya’ *really* think CLAMP would let a hero get a girl?!?!? I didn’t think so. X<

      Soooooo sad that the manga's over…

      Now *I* may acutally have to break down and read T:RC (which I've managed to avoid)…

      Ahhh… Kohane-chuan… <3<3<3

      Actually, I thought the same thing, the perfection of Kohane-chan + Watanuki, until they sprung the Doumeki thing in the manga. Phukers. X<

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      Doumeki’s fate is intertwined more with Yuuko. Both Himawari and Kohane acknowledge this throughout the series and with the final gesture of marrying someone else. Yuuko’s back in Rou, so that leaves the future open. CLAMP’s version of a happy ending, I guess.

  6. Arigatou na! zutto sagashitanda! hontouni arigatou!!!

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    How many episode of this OVA?

    Oh yeah, don’t worry about Watanuki, because Zashiki Warashi is still there..haha

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      There are 2 episodes. We just did the final one…wasn’t sure at the time if anyone was going to tackle it.So we tried it. That route you are suggesting is one that I am fond of as well.Why do people not talk about that angle? She is such a cutie pie (:

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    uhm.. may I ask if the torrent has subtitles? thanks :)

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    When you came to this page, the first thing you should look at is if anyone has the same problem. I assure you that we would have gotten flamed to kingdom come if we did not include the subs. The problem is on your side somewhere. Make sure your codecs are updated first and foremost.

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    okay, thanks! :)

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    Can someone send me a link to where I could find xxxHOLiC ROU. Please I a very desperate.

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