Jan 282012

To offer a way other than Torrents for viewers there’s XDCC.
Here’s an interactive guide to XDCC.
Read through it and you should be able to download our releases by XDCC with a breeze.

Click here or go here http://www.kasshin.net/leech_guide.swf

Credits go to http://kasshin.net/

  5 Responses to “XDCC guide using mIRC”

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    Just peeked at the Guide and it looks helpful. Gonna check it out tonight when I have a little bit more free time.

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      Feel free to leave a post with any questions you have, we’ll try and help out.
      Or visit our IRC for easier chatting.

  2. I already know how to download through xdcc, but I checked the guide out anyway. Is that someone karaoking to an Utada Hikaru song? Sounds like an Utada Hikaru song.

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      Utada Hikaru – Travelling :)
      I actually think it’s the original, but the sound quality is so bad that it might sounds like someone covering it.

  3. thanks

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