Jul 222013

The World God Only Knows - Goddesses Arc 02

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    Thanks :)

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    ohh yess!

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    Can I ask to change “leaving school simultaneously event” to “simultaneous afterschool event”? @22:25
    The former just doesn’t make sense to me, while the later was taken from the manga translation which I think has superior dialogue flow.

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      Well, think of it in terms of a game. He’s literally saying that the event is “leaving school simultaneously.” I think that the former is more accurate and proper in this context.

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      Events in episode 3 confirm his plan is to actually walk home together with all the girls on the same day after school. So just “after school event” is too vague. I might go with “walking home simultaneously event” instead now that I’m certain what’s going to happen. Thanks for the suggestion!

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    Thanks ;) Keep up the good work

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    Such a good show, it’s a pity nodody seeds ep02 in march 2017, neither CMS, nor HorribleSubs torrents in any resolution be it single episode or a batch torrent :(

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      We can’t seed it, we got hit with a bunch of DMCA notices on TWGOK episodes. That may play some role in why others aren’t seeding it either. However, all our episodes are available on our IRC channel from two XDCC bots, so you should take a look at that. If you happen to have an account at AnimeBytes, they have a torrent of our version of TWGOK Goddesses Arc, and it’s seeded since it’s a private tracker.

      If all else fails, let me know how to contact you (is the e-mail address you used for your comment okay?) and I’ll help get that episode to you.

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