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Contains all volumes plus the extras: NCEDs, NCOPs, FLAG 0, trailer and Kanon stuff.
With this, TWGOK S1 is concluded.

Edit: Somehow the wrong 1080p NCOP was on the server, we have the correct file on our XDCC bots, and you can download it via torrent as well.

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    Awesome. Thank you.
    SS2 BD?

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    Cool :) Thanks for the hard work :)

  3. Thanks for the batch

  4. Thanks for seeing it through the end! :)

    I won’t be asking for BDs of season two XD. What you have provided is good enough ^^

    Thanks again!

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    Do any of you guys know if the character designers for this show were the same ones who did Popotan? I noticed a lot of similarities.

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      It would appear so, Akio Watanabe (渡辺 明夫) is credited for Character Design for TWGOK S1 & S2, and Character Conceptual Design for Popotan (both TV and the game).

  6. It appears the NCOP is too short, it’s missing about 30 seconds. Can that be fixed?

    • Sigh. Only guy to mention this and no replies (naturally).

      • Because there is nothing wrong with the NCOPs.
        Checked my copies and both 720p and 1080p are perfectly fine.

        Both of you are doing something wrong. Fix that.

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          Well according to MediaInfo (and my MPC-HC with all the right codecs), the said file runs for only 1 min 07 sec. 158 MB (1080p-FLAC).

          However, the 720p one is alright.

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      Somehow the file on the server was the wrong one. We have the correct version uploaded now, you can find it on our XDCC bots, and there’s also a torrent for it (check the post description, I’m adding a link to that for it). The incorrect file is no longer on our bots. We decided not to redo the batch torrent just because of the one file.

      Sorry for the problem with the file. We did replace this a while back, but forgot to post about it.

      The CRC for the correct file is: 52054742

  7. I read on Wikipedia that there was an episode 0 released prior to season 1…

    Apparently released Sept 17 2010 (ep 1 was Oct 6) with volume 10 of the manga. Had commentary and something about Elsie getting sent off.

    I doubt the experience was ruined by not seeing it (probably something for people who already knew the plot via the manga) but it sounds interesting.

    You guys know if any groups have done it?

    Maybe if you guys do end up doing BD for S2 and end up doing a mass series batch, all 26 episodes could be together (ep 0 + OVA increasing the 12+12 base)?

  8. awesome. can you make SS2 BD please?

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    will SS2 BD includes the OVA?

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    After so much time I finally have the time to watch the 1st season :D . Noticed that “[CMS] The World God Only Knows 09 [BD][1080p-FLAC][4ED2209C].mkv” contains 2 nameless subs. Is there a difference between them?

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      I must have been tired when I did that..lol. If there is a difference it would be in the signs.I sometimes use a different script for 1080p so I can adjust signs.

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    My 1080p NCOP is screwed up as well. If anyone has a working version, can you please upload it to mediafire?
    I would really appreciate it! Thanks!

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      TWGOK stuff tends to get DMCA’d really fast in our experience, so we don’t try uploading it to filehosts any more. But if you can catch me on IRC (you can use the Webchat link under Blogroll) I’ll set up a temporary web download for you on our servers. You’ll need to actually catch me online though, as I don’t want to leave it up longer then absolutely necessary.

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        The reason I asked for mediafire, is that the only internet I have the majority of the time, is through my ps3.
        I’ll try to catch you on irc the next time I have access to my friend’s computer.
        Thanks for replying!

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          Ahh, well, is the E-mail you provided your real one? I’ll try to set something up and mail you how to access it if it is. If not, get me an E-mail I can contact you with please.

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            Yeah, it’s a real address. Also, thanks for any help you provide!

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    You guys are the best! :D

  13. does this anime have English subtitle Please Answer

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      All of our subs are in English.

      In general the primary language of a sub group’s website will be the same as the subs they provide.

  14. I noticed that episode 09 [BD][720p-AAC][65C446EE] contains the same episode with episode 04 or it is just me. Can you please check it? Thanks

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      I just double checked my copies, and compared CRCs, and they aren’t the same. Episode 04, “[CMS] The World God Only Knows 04 [BD][720p-AAC][3C183811].mkv” starts out with a leaf falling into a puddle and is about the buggy game Crayon that Sora’s in. Episode 09, “[CMS] The World God Only Knows 09 [BD][720p-AAC][65C446EE].mkv” starts out showing the reception desk Shiori sits at and is the start of Shiori’s arc.

      Make sure your filenames and CRCs are correct if your files are actually the same video, one of them is wrong.

  15. lol i just noticed that i seeded over 1,3Terabytes on this torrent.

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    No one seems to be seeding the torrent of 1080p NCOP anymore, I can’t download it. Can anyone please re-upload it again or give me an another upload link of it?
    I really appreciate it! Thanks!

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      The 1080p NCOP in the batch torrent is screwed up and won’t playback fully. There’s a replacement version available, but no torrent for it. (We didn’t discover the error for quite a while after the batch was released, and it seemed pointless to do a torrent for just this one file.) It’s available from us on IRC via XDCC, and the filename of the corrected version is [CMS] The World God Only Knows NCOP [BD][1080p-FLAC][52054742].mkv

      If you absolutely can’t get it from IRC, let me know how to contact you (is the E-mail you used for your comment correct?) and I’ll try to work something out.

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