Nov 132011

One phrase to describe it all: MILF!

[CMS] The World God Only Knows Vol.04 [BD][1080p-FLAC]
DDL ep 7
DDL ep 8

[CMS] The World God Only Knows Vol.04 [BD][720p-AAC]
DDL ep 7
DDL ep 8

  9 Responses to “The World God Only Knows BD Vol. 4”

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    So very inappropriate :(..

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    Hey, out of curiosity, do you have all the BDs? I ask because I have finally gotten around to watching this show and I’d like to watch the BDs if possible. I’ve only seen 4 eps so far and I can space them out if you might be kicking out the last few volumes soon. If not, I’ll just watch the TV versions for the last few.

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      I really can not predict when Eien will encode it.So you should probably just go ahead and watch the TV versions and snag these for archives later.Besides the better encode, we usually do some extra work on the BD scripts(try to shine it a bit more and such).So if you like our TV version, it should be worth it to grab the BD’s later.

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    HAH! And all’y’all teased me ’cause I’m a fan of Mari!!! XÞ

  4. Thank you! Two more routes/volumes to go :) . You now match the season two BD releases :p. Keep it up :)

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    thxs, will be re-watching these again. keep up the awesome work.

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    You don’t have the illustrations from the box do you? :D

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