Jul 102012

  6 Responses to “Sakamichi no Apollon TV Batch”

  1. The link to the patches leads to “http://colormesubbed.com/www.mediafire.com/?iorxvi9aqqvwcm2”, just thought I’d let you know. o.o
    Also I tried entering the mediafire.com/ part only, but it says the account is suspended :(

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    Sorry Burny, give it another try now. Looks like we lost another account…

    • Yep works fine now.~
      Would compressing everything you upload to a random named .rar file make them unable to tell if the contents are copyrighted? you could even add a pass like “colormesubbed” or something..
      Just a suggestion. o.o

      Love you guys! keep picking up awesome shows! ^^

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    The depositfiles link doesn’t work..Reupload? Thanks!

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      If you are getting the batch torrent, you will not need that. If you have the individual episodes done as they were released just get the affected episodes from the batch. Uncheck the ones you don’t need. The patch should not be needed this late.

      • Personally, I don’t care in the slightest what they’ve decided amongst themselves as to whether or not I’m a member of their magical club.I think it would be funny if they bothered to ex me, but aside from that it’s pretty irrelevant.(Of course that’s easy for me to say living here in France where I never have to deal with them at all if I don’t want to…)They probably won’t ex me though since they tend to only ex people who actually have some interest in being members… :Dp.s. I emailed you.

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