Aug 242014
Recorder to Randoseru Mi OVA

Enter the shota-con and her keeper.

This OVA is an unaired episode 13 that was included on the Bluray release of the series.  It’s listed as an OVA on MyAnimeList, and Special 1 on AniDB, so we just labeled it as an OVA.

One short note here about the episode title, Recorder and Red Randoseru.  In Japan boys wear black randoseru backpacks, while girls wear red ones.  Thus the title is alerting you that everyone’s been gender-swapped in this OVA.

Edit: And of course, since I last checked, MAL changed it to special.  Oh well.

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May 082014
Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! 02

It’s the fountain of love… err, lust.

This OVA was a DVD bundled with the manga’s 6th volume special edition release, and is considered episode 2 in an ongoing series because of that.  However, you do not need to have seen the first OVA to watch this one.  Familiarity with the manga isn’t even all that important, as this is just a fun side story.  The omake video is a bit over 2 minutes of Kobakawa art shown while music plays.  We thought fans of the manga would want to see it, so we’ve included it in this release.

Chibi Manga continues to release translations of the manga and are up to chapter 7 now.  If you enjoy this, go visit them and check it out.

As with the last OVA of this title, it’s unlikely this will ever get a BD release.

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Mar 152014

Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! [DVD]

The story of Kobayashi ga Kawai Sugite Tsurai!! is about fraternal twins Megumu (Female) and Mitsuru (Male) that swap places and go to school as each other.  Megumu ends up going to a boy’s school full of delinquents, while Mitsuru is enjoying going to a coed school for a change.  Both have faithful encounters, and love polygons proceed to develop. Characters are developed nicely and the manga is quite fun. Chibi Manga has released 5 chapters so far, so go check it out if you enjoy the OVA.

This OVA was bundled with the manga’s 3rd volume special edition release.  It’s highly unlikely it’ll ever see a BD release.

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Jan 102014

Recorder to Randoseru Mi TV Batch

Every episode except 5 & 12 have had minor changes, mostly to the ED lyrics.  Patches are provided, just unzip the file into the same directory you have all your episodes and run either apply_patches.bat (for Windows) or (for Linux).  For Linux you will also need either xdelta3 or wine installed to apply the patches.  There’s individual patch files for each episode too, which the main scripts call, so you can patch just one episode if you need to.

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