Jan 252012

For those of you with slower PCs, like me, I have some suggestions for improving your H264 playback performance.  In particular this will greatly increase your subtitle rendering speed, allowing you to play much more complicated subtitles that you were previously unable to.  There’s some other tweaks in here as well, and this is written to use the Combined Community Codec Pack with only one minimal, and very simple to add, addition: xy-VSFilter. Continue reading »

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Dec 102011

Uncle Sam

Here are the positions we need to fill:
TL\TLC-Yeh, we could use some help here.It would be nice to have some backup in this department.
Encoder We need an encoder that can do BD, DVD, and 10bit encodes.Must provide a clip of your work to show us your power level.If you are one of those so called “leet” encoders that doesn’t want to do a project for this reason or that reason…Don’t bother phuk’n with me please.Filled atm.
QC We need some people to watch our stuff to catch mistakes.I am not sure why this is such a difficult spot to fill, but it always is.Filled atm.
Timer-We don’t really need someone with blazing speed(couple of hours per 30 minute episode will be fine) for this, just very thorough.We rarely try to speed-sub anything, so what we are looking for is someone that takes pride in not having our subs bleed into scenes they don’t belong in..lol
EditorWe can always use help in this department, especially for OTL stuff.Filled atm.

If you are interested in any of these positions come see me in the irc at irc://irc.rizon.net/ColorMeRecruit or contact me at voteforkevo@yahoo.com When you get on the irc contact colormeKEVO about what position you are interested in. I work during the weekdays so I usually get on at around 8pm EST.I am usually available all weekends.


TWGOK S1 BD’s-Completed
Hourou Musuko-Uncut BD episodes being worked on, no timetable for release currently.
Higurashi OVA’s-We are current now on the project with the latest release.
Beelzebub-We are somehow current on the series, even though there are only 2 members that give a crap about the show any more…
Valkyria OVA’s-It’s v0 for the second episode in the meantime. Though we will release with a real encode once we acquire a BD .iso for it.