Dec 132013

Super Seisyun Brothers 13


To address the issues reported in the comments: There’s no lines missing, you may have experienced some lag from the typesetting and it took a bit for your player to catch up and it didn’t render them.

The file is not corrupted, we tested it on multiple systems.  If the CRC matches, it should play.  You may experience some lag from some of the typesetting, but there’s no corruption.  If the file won’t load at all and the CRC matches, there’s something wrong with your system.

The problem is, as Reasonable’s comment suggests, the typesetting on that manga page which runs from 0:39.97 to 0:41.81.  There’s no room there to do it other than boxing it, and it takes a gradient to match the background, giving a lot of lines.  It also scrolls to add to the fun.

If you are experiencing issues with the typsetting make sure you are using xy-vsfilter, see our guide for older versions of CCCP.  Newer versions should have xy-vsfilter by default.  If you’re still using vsfilter, you’re going to have problems with all groups’ subs nowadays.  We recommend, use and test in CCCP, so we can’t offer help with any other players unfortunately.

We tested this on multiple PCs, it ran with just a slight hiccup on my older PC, which we use as a baseline.  That PC has an Athlon 64 X2 4200+, a fairly old processor (it dates back to 2007), only 2GB of RAM and had a ton of other things running at the same time. (Such as two Firefox instances eating up about half the available RAM.)  If it can play it with only a slight hiccup, most PCs made in the last 5 years should be able to play it with, at worst, only slight hiccups.  We have released other stuff that caused only a slight hiccup on this PC in the past and received no complaints.  So we’re not sure what happened here.

We’ll look at alternatives for batch, but the only choices are probably do it this way, or leave it unsigned at that point.  There’s just not enough space to cram all that text into otherwise.

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Dec 062013

Super Seisyun Brothers 12

Just a few notes this episode:

  • Kouhai: In case you weren’t aware, this is the opposite of senpai.  Here it’s used for a girl in the grade below Maruoka’s.
  • Showa era: This is the period of Japanese history that ran from 1926 – 1989.  You can find more info on Wikipedia.
  • Johnny Derp: This is an obvious parody of the star Johnny Depp.  In the original they used Deppo, while the normal pronunciation is Deppu.  Since this wouldn’t be clear to most viewers, we used Derp.
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