Aug 242014
Recorder to Randoseru Mi OVA

Enter the shota-con and her keeper.

This OVA is an unaired episode 13 that was included on the Bluray release of the series.  It’s listed as an OVA on MyAnimeList, and Special 1 on AniDB, so we just labeled it as an OVA.

One short note here about the episode title, Recorder and Red Randoseru.  In Japan boys wear black randoseru backpacks, while girls wear red ones.  Thus the title is alerting you that everyone’s been gender-swapped in this OVA.

Edit: And of course, since I last checked, MAL changed it to special.  Oh well.

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Jan 102014

Recorder to Randoseru Mi TV Batch

Every episode except 5 & 12 have had minor changes, mostly to the ED lyrics.  Patches are provided, just unzip the file into the same directory you have all your episodes and run either apply_patches.bat (for Windows) or (for Linux).  For Linux you will also need either xdelta3 or wine installed to apply the patches.  There’s individual patch files for each episode too, which the main scripts call, so you can patch just one episode if you need to.

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