Mar 052013

Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu ~Finale~ Bluray Batch

The version 2 for episodes 1 and 2 fix the dialog font.  Previously it was defaulting to Arial instead of using the correct font.  Patches are available below.  To apply them, just unzip the file for the episode you want to patch, put the episode video in the same folder with the unzipped files, then run either the apply_patch.bat file (for Windows users) or the file (for Linux users). Note: Windows may hide the .bat part of the filename, so if you only see a apply_patch file that’s the one to run.  Linux users will need both Wine and xdelta32 installed to apply the patch.


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Oct 212012

Alice is targeting the person responsible for AT-X’s broadcast encode of this episode.

We’ve had a hell of a time with the encode for this episode.  The AT-X transport stream is in really bad shape, and our attempts at making a slightly cleaner raw to use for the episode kept being worse than the shareraw we had initially.  Since the BD will be out before long, we decided to go ahead with the shareraw instead of wasting more time trying to put lipstick on the pig that is this raw.

So be warned: this raw isn’t great, it’s got serious glitches throughout.  If you’re wanting your Nogizaka fix with great video, wait for the BD release.  It’s really bad at the start, but gets a little bit better after that.

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