Jan 072013

We’re starting up something a bit different for us, and labeling it as CMS Side Projects. Side project releases will be tagged [CMSSide] in filenames and be considered a different group for listing purposes on sites like MyAnimeList and AniDB.  There’s a dedicated site for CMSSide releases as well.

So what are CMS Side Projects?  They’re various things, some may be encoding experiments (like the upcoming first release we’re putting out using this label); some may be series that fewer people wanted to work on, so they haven’t gotten the full polish that we insist on for a full ColorMeSubbed release.  That doesn’t mean the quality will be bad for that type of CMSSide release, it just means it’s not received quite as much attention as a full CMS release.  (For example, a CMSSide project that’s an encoding experiment may have had little editing done, just using existing subtitles without modification, whereas a full CMS release would be fully edited before we put it out.)  There might even be some non-anime stuff that comes out under the CMSSide label.

This will allow us to give our members more leeway on working on things, something we’ve been wanting to do for a while now.

We hope you enjoy our upcoming CMSSide projects!

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Aug 022011

Товарищи, пришло время двигаться дальше

FYI for those that missed it (like me):

There’s a new version of the Combined Community Codec Pack (CCCP), dated 30 July 2011. Among other changes, it incorporates 10-bit support from the previous “insurgent” (beta) version. Since there’s a great deal of interest in 10-bit for a lot of reasons both within and outside the group, it’s strongly recommended that you download and install the latest, stable version as soon as it’s convenient.

For more information about this release and the the CCCP forum.
CCCP Home Page

Jul 062011

I’m making this post with great disappointment in all of the staff, especially Liaison. Everyone knows it’s a law to have Aoi on every single one of your Beelzebub posts. You’ve worked on this series for 24 weeks. 24 weeks. How could you have forgotten that? I even had to fix the posts every other episodes to make sure Aoi was on it. You do not simply make a post about Beelzebub, yet forget about the best character in the entire show. This is why nobody visits the site, bad posts. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. Same goes to colormeKEVO. He made TWGOK s2 posts without Haqua or Kasuga in every other picture. And S1 posts without Ayumi.

Jokes aside, I’m making this post to update you people regarding the Blu-ray projects that I’m sitting on, as well as information on potential projects. We aren’t really sure on what project we’ll be picking up this Summer, due to colormeKEVO and Liaison’s bad taste, once again. But we might be doing something with our own original TL script, instead of using crunchyroll scripts. Beelzebub will continue for another season. Fans will be pleased, though personally I feel that it should have ended when Oga destroyed Ishiyama.

Current Blu-ray Projects :
The World God Only Knows S1 : Volumes 3 – 6 are being encoded. I’m trying to clear them all before S2 volumes release.
Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt : I’m done encoding them. Blame colormeKEVO.

Potential Future Projects :
According to most staff, they’re interested in Dantalian no Shoka, and Mayo Chiki. My personal opinion is that they have shit taste, and we should do something else.

I’ve noticed a high number of people asking about Hourou Musuko Blurays. The video quality of the Blurays aren’t that different from the TV airings. I’ve talked to colormeKEVO about this, and he understands and agrees with me that doing this would be wasting time, which could be better spent working on other projects. Although, if we do see a significant amount of demand for it, we’ll reconsider. Protip : Convince EienShouko directly.

Also, regarding the quality of posts. Both Liaison and colormeKEVO make bad posts. EienShouko for best blogger. Tell them in the face by commenting like this :

“colormeKEVO and Liaison really suck.”
“Elsie = Elshit”
“EienShouko is the best blogger ever, Liaison and colormeKEVO stinx!”
“Let EienShouko make all the posts from now on!”

Here, have some songs for making it this far without closing your tab.
Beelzebub ED3 – Nanairo Namida (TV Version).mp3
Beelzebub OP3 – Hey!! (TV Version).mp3

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