Jan 152013

We wanted to make uniform encodes for this show, so here’s a new version in Hi10p.  The main difference is the video, but there have been some tweaks to fix small errors we spotted here and there as well.

Geppo, our encoder for this release, has this to say about it:

This encode was done in the past, and was meant to be released before the 4:4:4 experiments.  With this encode I was trying to understand why a normal person would download an upscaled 1080p.  I wondered if they were aware of the loss of chroma details, or if they could tell there was a loss without knowing about the chroma issue.  Perhaps they download it because the 1080p has a larger filesize, and therefore they consider it to be “better” with less artifacts; or maybe they watch their anime in fullscreen mode using a low quality video renderer, so that pre-upscaled videos look better on their screen?

Please don’t ask for a 1080p of this series because I’m pretty sure the original source was de-noised, nor for a 4:4:4 because no one in the group can stand to look at this series again.  So if this release’s filesize is “too large” for your tastes, you may want to go with the original encodes instead.  (Although these were done by multiple encoders and quality varies greatly between episodes.)

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Dec 112011

1080p FLAC

720p FLAC (10bit)

Edit: We are strongly aware of the fact that unofficial re-encodes of our earlier 1080p release are floating around. We would like to remind you that these are not our official releases and that we have only released in 1080p and 720p as of now and that our official releases contain CRC checksums themselves.

Oct 162011

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colormeKEVO edit:Hey guys…We are looking for an encoder for some projects we are currently working on.You would have to be able to do DVD and BD’s. Also would need to know how to do 10 bit. If you are interested drop me a line first at voteforkevo@yahoo.com.


Aug 042011


It has come to our attention that there is some corruption at 16:35 in the video.We are working on another encode now.Will be ready tomorrow I believe.Sorry for the inconvenience ):

– ColorMeKEVO

We also missed the episode number on the file name. But everything should be fine now. If not, blame Liaison. :3