Aug 092013

Chitose Get You!! OVA

At long last, here’s the OVA for Chitose Get You!!  This OVA actually consists of two short episodes, despite how it’s listed at sites like MyAnimeList & AniDB (at the time of release they both show it as one episode).  As you can see from the DVD menu, the DVD contains the first episode of Chitose Get You!! TV, then episodes 1 & 2 of the OVA, labeled Asako Get You!!.

This OVA animates some of the Asako Get You!! bonus chapters from the manga.  These chapters consist of looks at Asako’s life in high school, dealing with breast-crazed Inada, and her best friend Shinobu. In case you’ve forgotten, Asako is Chitose’s teacher in the main series.  This was released as a DVD bundled with the special edition of the 9th volume of the manga.  It’s highly unlikely there will ever be a Bluray release of it, but if there is, we’ll do it as soon as we can find a copy.

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Feb 252013

Hinako’s being a bit catty.

The batch has several version 2 files, but they’re all minor changes.  Patches are available for all the episodes.  Just unzip the files for the episode you want to patch, put the episode video in the same folder with those files, then run either the apply_patch.bat file (for Windows users) or the file (for Linux users). Note: Windows may hide the .bat part of the filename, so if you only see a apply_patch file that’s the one to run.  We also fixed the file naming from a lowercase “you” to uppercase “You,” so just change the “y” to a “Y” for the episodes that didn’t get a version 2 (09-11).

We will be doing the OVA if we can find a source for it, and we’ll also do a Bluray release of the TV series if we can find a source for those.

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